Is there a discount if several people from the same company want access to the solution ?

Yes, a 10% discount is applicable for each group of 5 or more.  To obtain a discount, send an order form indicating :

  • the desired product
  • the number of accesses
  • employees names and emails
  • the name of a contact person

at You will receive an invoice to pay for access.  Each employee will receive a personalized email login information.

Can I take more than one group coaching per step ?

Group coaching is a Weekly Group Q&A Session and you have an unlimited access. However, for specific coaching or accompaniment for your business, you can have private coaching with an expert. If you want to purchase individual coaching,  click here.


Are tools available in several languages ?

Yes, the tools are available in French and English. You will have access to the tools in the language of the training. However, you can buy the tools in the other language.

Please note that the tools are not sold without training.